Cicih Nuraeni


This research was conducted to address some classroom problems experienced by the teacher and the students of third semester in STIBA Nusa Mandiri. In the preliminary study, the teacher found the problems that the students’ have poor writing ability. The students were reluctant to write because they felt that writing was the difficult skill for them. The students often found the difficult to develop their ideas into a piece of writing. To address these problems, the teacher used P.I.E (Point, Illustration and Explanation) strategy to enhance teaching writing activity in class and to improve students’writing ability in writing a report text. This strategy used the basic concept of brainstorming method where the students had to brainstorm their ideas into three stages of Point, Illustration and Explanation. The method of the research was descriptive qualitative, data that were collected from the teaching and learning activities and students’ opinion. In conclusion, P.I.E strategy can be used to improve the students' writing ability. Based on the scores, it can be concluded that this strategy is also successful to motivate the students to be active in the teaching and learning process. Most students participate actively during the lesson. The combination between this strategy with four steps of writing process activity also helps the students to find and develop their ideas, then put them into a good  report paragraph.

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