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Increased community participation actively in the organization of higher education has encouraged the development of higher education rapidly. These conditions encourage efforts to provide opportunities for people to acquire knowledge and teklnologi. College supposedly able to optimize the community needs both to science, technology mastery as well as to meet the needs of experts in various fields. The implications of the study of education is the development of higher education institutions that have quality. In the global era demands both quality and competition among universities, especially private is a common phenomenon. One important component in the implementation of tri dharma college education is a lecturer. Lecturer is one of the main needs in the college environment. Lecturer determine the quality of education and college graduates born. If the high-quality faculty, the quality of higher education will also be high, and vice versa. On this basis, the professional development of lecturers as an important effort in order to improve the quality of higher education.

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Undang-undang Sistem Pendidikan Nasional No. 20 tahun 2003.


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