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The requirement of English knowledge is now needed as the development of technology also now grows faster than before. The development of technology has made cellular phone, especially Smartphone in human’s daily life. Smartphone is as one of media that can be used not only for communicating but also for studying. Android application in Smartphone can be used as a tool in studying. It can also be used as one of teaching equipments to the learners. As Graddol (2000) said that technology have important rules in social life and in language changing. There are many items on Android application such and one of them is about education. English education is one of some items that can be found in Android application. Library research was used in doing this research. The use of English education in Android application is observed to get the data. Some references books and related journals were also read to collect the data which was needed. There are some findings which are found in this research and the findings are the English skills such as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in the Android application can be used to improve the English learning.

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