Eka Dyah Setyaningsih


Development of SMEs provides Many Benefits for SMEs Information Technology And After BEFORE THE era of digital economy provides a significant difference The SME Business Progress Management hearts before these times. It singer can be seen SMEs with online access, hearts involvement of social media, develop the ability to e-commerce That will give you an advantage BUSINESS Good From the aspect of income, employment, and competitiveness and innovation. Purpose Of Research Singer to review determine how Difference diengan SME development indicators Consisting Of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and investment. Population Research hearts singer is the perpetrator of SMEs Yang BEFORE And afterward doing development of SMEs. Sampling methods using simple random sampling. Tenor Singer Research samples is 16 samples. Data analysis technique is a sign Wilcoxon rank test. The data collection techniques with the documentation and Studies literature data retrieval. Research results show that (1) There is a difference of mean gross domestic product by an average of 24, 9994% and after the development of SMEs IN digital economy era 33.7194%. hearts SMEs Development, (2) There are differences Investment means an average of 25.00% and after the development of SMEs IN digital economy era 29.47%.

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