Santoso Setiawan, Rusdiansyah Rusdiansyah


Social security can be a tool of justice and social welfare which ensures a stable life in today's social and economic situation. Social security can support people facing difficulties and uncertainties that can not be solved individually efficiently. In this case becomes very important if the overarching welfare state social welfare efforts also became the ideological basis of the concept of social security. Currently there are several types of social security which has been distributed to the public. However, in some areas, the social security is less targeted and less appropriate benefits for the current situation. Therefore, we need a proper decision support system that will be shared social security is expected to be appropriate and well targeted. Analytical Hierarchy Process is a method of decision support is very appropriate to help resolve the issue. Analitical method hierarchy process using several criteria and alternatives tailored to the circumstances and conditions of that time. Criteria and alternative routes can be modified to the circumstances in the future that is different from the current, so that the decisions taken on the methods of analitical hierarchy process is felt to be very appropriate in representing the circumstances at various times, which in turn distribute social security was expected to be appropriate and well targeted.

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