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The use of computer technology in the company is very vital, since most of the events and activities aided by computer users. To build a network of computers that good, reliable and easy to manage absolutely necessary, so that the company's performance in serving her clients are met and satisfied. PT.Visionet Jakarta engaged in IT services with a large number of clients who require ease of management of its computer network. The company at this time, using the Windows 2003 operating system, which is a feature of the operating system Active Directory (AD). With the implementation of AD feature can solve the existing problems. The problems faced include computer access and internet bandwidth usage that is not controlled, user authentication and computer configuration changes and data destruction by the virus. The method used is to collect the data needs of users, computers available and company policies. By analyzing the data, the design and implementation of Active Directory can be applied by adjusting the existing computer. The results obtained from the implementation of AD among others, VLAN-30 117 Mbps, VLAN-40 105-Mbps and VLAN 20, VLAN-50 87 Mbps. Printer sharing and repository for users by default are met, verified user login and access computer customized with company policy. In general, user needs are met in serving the needs of enterprise customers.

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