Yudi Irawan Chandra


Software created with a variety of purposes, such as for word processing, graphing and mathematical calculations, processing the data into a database, and many more. Thus the computer users can be explored all the capabilities that exist on a computer to the optimum, well just to make the purpose of the office, or for other purposes such as for entertainment or amusement. The author did research methods in designing wake of this application is to use Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a life-cycle strategies aimed at providing development much faster and get results with better quality compared to the results achieved through the traditional cycle. RAD is a combination of a variety of structured techniques with engineering prototyping and engineering development of joint application to accelerate the development of system / application From the definitions of the concept of RAD, it can be seen that the development of applications using RAD This can be done in a relatively faster. In building applications arcade game, the author uses Macromedia Flash MX so that through this software you can freely create a creative and imagination eventually be developed into a game, and then with the tools available allows the author to make the application Flash MX becomes an image creator and also the editor, coupled with the ActionScript code to make the object becomes more dynamic.

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