Siti Nurmiati, Neny Rosmawarni


Archiving helpful accreditation as a step in the assessment or accreditation in higher education program. In this study, the research object centered study program. The study program that made the object of research is the environment of the campus of the National Institute of Science and Technology (ISTN) precisely the Program Information Systems Studies Faculty of Science and Technology Information of National Institute of Science and Technology (ISTN). Archiving data relating to accreditation, particularly related to form 3A is still done conventionally, it enables data to be spilled, lost or damaged, it takes time to perform the search process it felt less effective, so the system needs information archiving that is designed and constructed to assist in the archiving, research results even this can be implemented in the programs of other subjects with reference to the standards that are designed and built using a standard 1 - standard 7. So the results may assist in the archiving of data relating to the accreditation forms 3A.To realize its archiving application created by web-based accreditation standards in charge, to use the language PHP and uses a My SQL database. The advantages of this application is in addition to the data will not be scattered, broken, or missing because the data is already computerized, thereby minimizing damage to data, and the data search will be easy because it is already arranged in the application in accordance with the applicable standards, then the advantage other data can be directly download, and can be shaped in a report pdf, excel and xml.

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