Ari Puspita, Mochamad Wahyudi


Preterm labor can happen when pregnancy has not entered the 37th week, or three weeks or more before the birth day forecast (HPL). Babies who are born prematurely usually weigh less than 2.5 kilograms that causes the body's organs are not functioning properly infants can suffer from a variety of more serious health problems than babies who were born on schedule. There are some cases of premature labor of unknown cause. There are several factors and health problems can trigger preterm labor, for examples mothers who do not exercise, smoking, history of pregnancy, fetal condition and psychological condition. This study intend to make a  research on how to predict a patient who will give birth prematurely with the algorithm C4.5 models. The results obtained are C4.5 algorithm produces a value of 93.60% accuracy and AUC value of 0.946 to the level of diagnostics Excellent Classification.

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